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Fighting for Earth’s climate one step at a time: Bend’s 2017 Climate March

In the month of April, the world reached 410 parts per million of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. This record-breaking number has not been this high in millions of years and it is deteriorating the climate, said 350Deschutes’ Diane Hodiak. “Our name ‘350Deschutes’ refers the safe level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Many scientists […]

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Sage Elementary students end their dance performance with twirling their authentic Latino costumes.

Dancing, celebrating, and eating: The 2017 Latino Festival

The Latino club’s largest event of the year was an evening full of dance performances done by local dancing schools and elementary students, authentic cuisine, face-painting, Latino music, and a photo booth. The event had been advertised all around campus and the Central Oregon Community College website. The club members and their advisor, Evelia Sandoval, […]

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