1 thought on “Student Government Member Re-enrolls

  1. The Broadside is so desperate to have a story that they bypass any sort of integrity, ethics and morals. We all saw that with Don Iler’s attacks last year and now it has carried on to the new EIC. The common ground here is their advisor. It is time the school stepped in and closed down this rag.

    I know Brenda and I asked her about this situation. She practically has a 4.0 and is devestated to take a grade less than an A. She dropped two classes this term due to having to deal with the false accusations made by the Broadside and the constant harrassment which I am sure has been difficult. It would be for any of us as students not to mention she works two jobs, goes to school and manages to tirelessly support students. I know that she has taken fewer courses while event coordinator in spring term to be able to work so students can have everything we do in the spring months. If that isn’t an example of committment and sacrifice for US, well then, I don’t know what is.

    She did not mean to have all three dropped last week and handled it as soon as she found out by The Broadside reporter. The EIC assured her this wasn’t going to be an issue, but of course, the Broadside couldn’t resist trying to make her look bad. Pathetic.

    However, she has maintained her integrity by not lashing out at The Broadside and remaining professional even when there has been very personal accusations made. She works 40+ hours a week in the office at ASCOCC to make sure that students have a better campus. Without her efforts we would not have the opportunities that we have. I have even heard her defend this crappy paper saying that students should have the ability to write and express themselves if they want to be journalists. -Sorry Brenda, we may disagree on that one.

    The majority of the programs and events like Free Bowling Night, Thanksgiving Food Drive, BAT passes for students, the food bank and much more were her concepts that have helped hundreds of us. Our campus would not be what it is without her constant efforts and dedication.

    The Broadside should be writing about how great she has been. We did elect her with like 70% of the vote which was way far above anyone else running for student government spring term. Why? Because we as students believe and have seen for ourselves her committment and dedication to students.

    You “journalists” with personal attacks against our elected SG representative and student government members in general should be more careful of how you insult the rest of the student body.

    If there is a petition to vote (as I have heard there is)on my fees to go to the crap you write, then I VOTE NO MORE.

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