3 thoughts on “Council member’s funding vote deemed to be conflict of interest

  1. Here we go again! Kelly votes on a club she has been heavily involved in for years. Shara (isn’t she a member of the club? Oh yeah, she is Kelly’s partner!) votes by email “yes” for the funding. Kelly doesn’t notice the vote? NO council member notices the vote? The advisor doesn’t notice the vote? AND I bet it wasn’t retracted until someone from the Broadside catches it and confronts Kelly. Oh and Shinead (who defends Kelly and Shara in a previous posting) submits the funds request for the CJ club. And they are all friends. Classy. Best excuse ever for mis-use of student funds: “stressed” and “a heavy night” What?

    Oh but don’t worry COCC students Shara and Kelly won’t be discussing this outside of ASCOCC because they don’t have any sort of conflict of interest serving together as council members. I’m sure Shinead who requested the money doesn’t discuss funds requests with former council members AND friends.

    Business as usual. Carry on ASCOCC.

    Great job Broadside (but I can’t help to mention that The Broadside also supported this council member in past elections as their pick). See, everyone can make a bad judgement call and redeem themselves.

  2. Seems to me that MITCH might have a grudge against people as he is the one making a big issue out of everything.
    Every time there is a new post from him he is against these ladies for one reason or another

  3. Sorry Christina, but that is like saying the Broadside reporters and staff may have a grudge against them because they reported this as news. Geez Broadside stop making such a big issue out of everything (sarcasm Christina). If they didn’t think this was something that students had the right to hear about it probably wouldn’t have made the front page. I don’t have anything against them personally – other than their actions in more than one circumstance are a great cause for concern. I believe enough concern that we students shouldn’t want them as council members any longer. I want a student government that we can all be proud of.

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