6 thoughts on “College fails to comply with state smoking laws, receives $500 fine

  1. I am in my fifties. I have been a semi-health nut since forever. I get exercise approximately six days a week, aerobic and weight training. I eat right. I drink very little beer. I like beer and would drink more of it, except at my age it is hard to keep my weight where I want it. Also, I like being able to do the things that I do because of my health that others at my age simply can’t do. I am an avid outdoorsman, (hunting, fishing, golf, etc.)

  2. Before the urge to smoke strikes (about 60 minutes from the last puff), start doing activities that make smoking physically difficult to perform. Examples include washing the car, weeding the garden, jogging, or taking a long shower. Almost any kind of physical exercise may help. Your smoking behavior may be ingrained and automatic. Anticipate this behavior and stick to your plan to quit.

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