2 thoughts on “COCC professor gives blind cats a new outlook

  1. The volunteers of nonprofit CRAFT are grateful for people like Donna, who have found room in their hearts and homes for cats that need help the most. CRAFT has many ‘regular’ cats and kittens seeking forever homes, but as a no-kill group, CRAFT also cares for others with special needs or that are senior and would benefit from a home and family of their own. Their stories of abandonment and abuse can break your heart. But animals tend to be very forgiving, and the rest of their lives can be good, thanks to kind people like Donna and her family and others who help CRAFT with its mission.
    Thanks for printing this article!
    Bonnie Baker, Founder, and the CRAFT Board of Directors

  2. Donna and Raymond, thank you so much for choosing a “special” kitty from CRAFT — and saving a life from Bend HS where, by their own numbers, 1 in every 4 kitties “don’t make it”. CRAFT is an amazing resource for our community and deserves all the promotion and support we can muster. Bonnie is relentless in saving kittens and cats and, because I am on her website often, I see that she finds them all homes quite quickly. Only a handful of the cats I was there photographing this summer still reside there now. Give Pia and ZeeDee a big kiss from us kitty-loving members of the community.

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