2 thoughts on “Campus Word: Should students be allowed to carry weapons on campus?

  1. What reason would a person have to need to carry a weapon on campus? Protection???
    Not only should weapons not be allowed on campus, but we should be more overt. There are no smoking signs, no skateboarding signs, no parking signs… but no public notification regarding firearms. Make sure it’s understood that safety is a priority. Make sure it’s understood that COCC is pro-active regarding campus violence (and skateboarding…)

    1. Yes, protection. Signs do not prevent people with violent intentions from carrying a weapon on campus. Train volunteer instructors in crisis intervention and allow them to carry. Allow students that have CHLs to carry. Campus security cannot be everywhere. When do you ever see a security member walking through the quad or through buildings? I have only seen them patrol parking lots in their vehicles. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but there is no security presence on campus, nor is COCC “pro-active” regarding campus violence.

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