6 thoughts on “Broadside Editor In Chief acquitted of defamation

  1. The complaint against Mr. Iller had absolutely nothing to do with the first amendment. Only an idiot who has not actually read the constitution before could come to a conclusion like that. All that Walker was requesting was that Iller’s advisor talk to him about not clearly labeling editorials as such and for the advisor to let him know that it is unprofessional to do a hit piece on a student without even interviewing them about the issue you are examining.

    In no way could that be considered an attempt to curtail free speech. Had ASCOCC tried to shut down the paper over this or if the Broadside was told not to print something, then it would be first amendment issue. Claiming 1st amendment on this issue is ridiculous and demeans credibility of the paper. It was a private student upset for the Broadside printing rumors and speculation about him and his employment with out even bothering to contact him first. Never did anyone try to say the Broadside does not have the right to print what ever they want, no matter how unprofessional or inaccurate it is.

    Also, the dismissal of the complaint is in no way an endorsement of validation of the Broadside’s hit piece on Walker. Rather it was Gordon Price saying he did not want to have to deal with it.

    The best advice for some one in a hole is to stop digging and the more the Broadside tries to make an issue out of this, the further into the hole their credibility goes. I love the Broadside, please stop making it look bad.

  2. Hey, John let’s keep the discussion civil, no name calling ok? I don’t agree with you. Whenever someone feels that their rights could be violated they need to stand up for them, right or wrong. The real danger is from those of us that sit and do nothing. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

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