2 thoughts on “ASCOCC member accused of inappropriate relationship

  1. So let me get this straight. A student government member Shara Huskey is concerned enough to write an email saying there is a conflict. Seems like she would know best about the dynamics of ASCOCC and that all supporting staff really work for the ENTIRE council (who hired this guy? guessing it was a vote by everyone – including Alex Bresler). Then Taran Underdal is concerned enough to have a conversation with the ASCOCC council member and the person she is spending time with in her “private life.” Then another person makes an allegation on The Broadsides page that she was dating this guy. The Broadside does a story and the advisor sweeps it under the rug and railroads Huskey’s concerns (good thing she isn’t there anymore to comment). How is this not a violation of policy? Bresler is a “supervisor” in the organization. The organization members all oversee and make decisions about those THEY hired. Bresler and Schenk are not equal co-workers.
    One question to the Broadside seems relevant. Do ASCOCC Council members hire their staff as a group, and is there a record or vote where this happened? If so, then the reader can determine for themselves who is covering up this story.

    I do feel bad for Alex though. A negative headline like this even though it says “accused” is something now that will show up on the internet forever. Someday she might want to get a job and now the perception is out there with this story and her photo. I don’t know if the price tag and the pay that a council member gets for this kind of experience is worth it.

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