10 thoughts on “ASCOCC executive member’s boyfriend paid over $19,000 in student fee money

  1. Hey, all. I truly enjoy the journalism you all are putting forth this year, and I respect the amount of time you all are putting in at the office. This continuing ASCOCC saga is intriguing.

    One quick note about your graph…although it’s very eye – catching, it’s a tad misleading. You see, you’re trying to show Mr. Walker’s heightened salary with a modified bar chart. No prob there; Mr. Walker’s height is roughly double the other three, as it should be. The issue arises when you made his pictograph about 50% WIDER than the others. By doing that, you actually make the AREA of the figure about 3 times the area of each of the other three (ah, the beauty of geometry: the areas of each of Coito, Link, and Pierce are (base)(height); Walker’s is (1.5 base)( 2 height), or 3 times the area of the others, which appears 50% bigger than it should).

    Why does this matter? Because the human eye won’t ignore one dimension to favor another, readers will inevitably look at the total area of the figure, which is inflated. I’m not disputing your numbers, mind you…simply recognizing the bias you most likely inadvertently created.

    Keep up the good work, friends. I’m proud of you!

  2. Talk about fleecing of the students. I was so furious when I read this. ASCOCC wants to know their connection to the college? Who signs the pay checks? It is all paid with student fees that we pay to the college, that is ASCOCC’s connection. It is almost like they have no shame. I am a struggling student that now gets over a $1000.00 less per term I am sole provider of my family and I am sure that there are more students like me. To read this and finding where our students fees go makes me mad. Did we not just have our students fees raised. ASCOCC you need to be ashamed and think of the students not yourself!

  3. Dear Concerned Student:

    I was angry when I read this. The article is full of inaccurate info. When the newspaper is reporting info to discredit student government, intellectual readers must use critical thinking to be an observant, “why would they say that. To discredit members. For a catchy headline. To attack a group or students. Who gave the paper this information? Thier advisor? administration the publications board an individual with their own agenda? What is their motive? Are all views presented? Is there a history of strife? The former EIC personal views? Staff members? What does their ed board write about student government? Negative emotions thus far

    Is the editorial board made up of the same people that wrote this article? Yes, it is. Did the papers advisor have conflict with this person or group? Yes, for several years. Student complaints have been filed against Erin Marlowe and complaints against members of The Broadside for not reporting news in the news section but instead editorial.

    As a journalism student I was encouraged to attend that meeting about Iler. Didn’t Mr. Walker work for Broadside? Did he leave on good terms? What is that story? There is a sense of revenge coming from or being fed to The Broadside student reporters.

    Facts. What is missing? Did a council member hire their boyfriend directly or is it implied? This was covered in a previous article where Ms. Pierce was not involved in any employment decisions concerning Mr. Walker, but that wasn’t mentioned? Why?

    Does the college, or The Broadside have girlfriend/boyfriend at the same institution? This college does. Last year’s eic employed his brother Patrick as photographer. Casey Husk was dating the Editor in Chief Lauren Miller. This was mentioned in The Publications meeting my class went to and the Broadside’s own board said it was not unethical. So why is it now unethical?

    Did The Broadside gather all of the facts about production? The answer is no. Call Kevin Rachl at Visual Thinking. He will tell you otherwise. Someone at the paper messed up and if I was Mr. Rachl I would be furious that The Broadside just demeaned my business and my name, my reputation. What is Mr. Walker’s job description at ASCOCC? The truth in those questions paints a different story than the one The Broadside journalists would like you to believe.

    So Dear “A Concerned Student” perhaps you should question not only these things but why almost $40,000 of your student fees each year are going towards a paper fueled by personal agendas. Every issue this year has attacked student government. Any reasonable person could see the bias. Students do not want their fees to go towards this kind of journalism anymore.

    This paper is obnoxious. When the truth is revealed this paper loses ALL credibility no matter how hard they try to hide it. Wake up Broadside! You can’t fool educated students any longer. WE are on to your tactics and WE demand you be more accountable and question YOUR own motives OR those that are shoved upon YOU. Stop trying to pursuade the student body. It is obvious. WE are not dumb. WE have the ability to think and question what you write before WE make judgement calls on those WE elected. WE hope you can do better in the future. WE are tired of it and will not stand for YOUR poor journalism any longer.

  4. Kudos Ercanbrack, Wolf, & Veenstra. I too “truly enjoy the journalism…” And the artistic freedom in your graph.
    I read the article, formed an opinion, countered that opinion, settled back into my apathy and returned to my drudgery. We place people in positions but that’s the end of it. I cast my vote, now back to the grind. The problem may not be individuals, but us (or just me). Mr. Price said we (students) have a choice. Instead of feeling powerless, I’m ready for dialogue. Where do we start? Friday’s are good…

  5. Regardless of what kind of crappy underground COCC soap opera fueled the idea for this article, if this dude actually made close to twenty big ones for these videos–which are a good effort, but unimpressive and arguably useless–then yes, as A Concerned Student contends, the students have been hustled. I’m not a professional videographer(obviously neither is Mr. Walker; no offense) but using the skills I’ve gained from one (!) digital arts class I could easily produce videos of comparable quality using iMovie (!), and none of them could possibly take more than a few hours to make. Seriously. Actually if you don’t believe me, hire me next time.

    Assuming the numbers are correct, the real comedy will be the half-baked PR response they cook up (with more of your money, ha!) to justify the spending. A note to current students: if you decide to go all tea-party on their asses and dismantell the guverment, don’t make the same mistake as the rest of these lunatics by ignoring your actual interests as a student who is probably poor. Good job Broadside, someone’s got to do some damn muckraking in Bend. Next target: administrator salaries!

  6. One more thing!

    You could start a column called “The Blindside.” This would be a nice first installment.

  7. @jodie miller

    I am guessing, as most people who jump to defend ascocc, that you are friends with one or more members of the student government. For a journalism student you are projecting a great deal. you talk about lack of bias and then assume that the Broadside staff are pursuing a personal agenda.
    Fact: Mr.Walker was vastly overpaid for the work he did.
    That is all I have to say. as a member of the student body, as some of my money went into this, I should have the right to know about, and other instances were my money is being misused, such as trips to Washington D.C. These things are fact, the information comes directly from ascocc’s records. There is nothing you can say that will justify these expenditures.
    WE are tired of OUR money being put in the pockets of people who are going to misuse it.

  8. There is no agenda or personal vendetta, the fact is Rob Walker is in a relationship with a council member and got paid a lot of money. People may try to claim that I had a personal agenda, the current staff does or other students do. There is no conspiracy though, there are no personal attacks. The fact remains that Rob Walker got paid a lot of money and he is in a relationship with Brenda Pierce. That’s corruption in one of its most basic forms, and something that the student newspaper has a right to report on. Now, whether students feel that it is worth their attention to try and do something about this, is up to them.

  9. I love the fact that this extremely untalented Mr Walker was pd 20 g’s for being Brenda’s b!$@h, yet has never paid the correct amount of child support ever!!! In fact he stopped paying child support all together in 2009 bx he claimed he didn’t have any money and was barely making it.
    I will be sure to hand this over to the correct parties, thank you for your wonderful article.

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