1 thought on “Are you addicted to the Internet?

  1. This could be an editorial/ letters to the editor if you want to.

    Great article; this article shed some light on how we truly are addicted to the internet. Students and many faculty members utilize the internet every day. Why? Because college students this day in age are in a techno-savy society where technology rule our lives. We have netbooks, laptops, Mozilla, NetZero web browsers, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Students research just for pleasure or research because they are required to. We use the internet every day to shop online, create blogs, socialize with people from great distances and play internet games just to have fun. But, as the article stated, “are we truly addicted to the internet.” Some people are because just as you stated, people spend countless hours on the internet, not socializing with their family and immersing themselves in a fantasy world. The article was true in that we should limit our time on the internet and socialize with our friends and family. Stop living in a fantasy world and open your eyes to the real world.

    By: Nathaniel Kelly

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