1 thought on “A different approach to math with Professor Sean Rule

  1. Sean, you truly have a gift! you have helped multiple Sternberger’s succeed.
    For me, I struggled so hard in math. A mom of 5, going back to school after 20 years, to pursue my teenaged dream of becoming a nurse. I was afraid I would never get through pre req’s so I could apply to nursing school. Thank god I was able to take 95 and stats with you! I’ve been a cardiac nurse going on 6 years now
    I encouraged both my kids, Jordan and Savannah, to take your classes.
    Jordan wanted to go into journalism but he changed his major to teaching partly because of you. He had barely graduated high school and struggled at cocc. You as his math teacher made him feel positive about a subject that he felt “stupid” in. He decided he wanted to help kids like him who struggle with Asperger’s syndrome and maybe don’t “fit in the box”. He graduated OSU Cascades with a 4.0 and is now in the Masters program since June with straight A’s.
    Savannah struggled the worst out of the three of us. Your class was her first A in math in her whole school career. She was so proud! She graduated OSU Cascades last summer and just applied for the Master’s program. She is also majoring in teaching.
    I can’t thank you enough Sean for the passion you bring to such a difficult, boring (sorry-no offense) subject that half the world struggles with. You are a special person and are making a HUGE difference in this world, and especially in the Sternberger family

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