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Matcha Madness: Central Oregon review

Tea is something that many of us enjoy, whether it’s chai from our favorite local coffee shop or boba from Teacupful’s in downtown Bend. Globally appreciated, tea holds an incredible amount of cultural significance in many places around the world. In England, high tea is held every afternoon, while a tea ceremony is performed in a designated ‘tea’ house in Japan, according to this article by Britannica. 

One specific type of tea that has become increasingly popular is matcha. According to this article on Pureleaf, matcha is made from ground green tea leaves of the tea plant, Camellia sinensis. It is traditionally made in a very specific way, but today it can be made or enjoyed in many different ways. Matcha has become something you can get at mostly any coffee shop, whether you enjoy it iced or hot. 

Photography by Cora Mcmullan
Edited by Melissa Smith

I love matcha. I wouldn’t say I’m a matcha expert, or even a connoisseur, but I drink it multiple times a week. Generally, I make my own matcha, due to the fact that I’m cheap and would rather save money wherever I can. However, sometimes a matcha latte is what I need to get me through the day, because I don’t like coffee. Due to my love for this earthy drink, I decided I would try matcha lattes at three different coffee house locations around Central Oregon and review them for you.

(A little disclaimer: first, these aren’t pure matcha, they’re matcha lattes, meaning they’ve been combined with frothed milk. This changes the flavor a bit and makes it a lot less powerful and traditional.)

Conclusively, I suggest trying a matcha latte the next time you go to your favorite coffee shop! It’s worth it, and it is a great way to switch it up. 



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