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Opinion: Local record store to participate in ‘Record Store Day’ event

Marcela Irribarren/ The Broadside

Vinyls, a blast from the past, are making a comeback in popularity once again. With the upcoming Record Store Day event this spring, avid record collectors will attend the event in hopes to purchase exclusive and rare titles that are released by various artists. 

Smith Rock Records, formerly known as Ranch Records in downtown Bend, are one of the many record stores that are participating in this year’s Record Store Day. 

Photo captured by Tristan Hackbart

Record Store Day is a national event where various artists participate in releasing rare and exclusive vinyls to the public. Some titles have no difference with the original, yet will have multicolored vinyl prints. There are other titles that are very limited as well; only very few are produced and released.

Smith Rock Records will open its doors at 8 am on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 for Record Store Day. 

In my experience, I arrived early to wait in line in order to purchase the vinyl I particularly wanted. The storefront opens at 8 am, so I arrived around 6:30 or 7 am. When I arrived, there was only a person or two waiting in line before me. By 8 am, the line was about 20 or so people. I was able to purchase an album that I had my eye on. It was from a band called “From First to Last” with their album “Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Bodycount.” The album was released exclusively for Record Store Day, a quantity of 2,000 across the country, and the first of its kind. The vinyl itself is dark purple with a light pink marble throughout. 

Record Store Day releases will be located towards the front end of the store.

You may also take a look on the Record Store Day website to see what will be released that day so you can plan out what you wish to purchase. Keep in mind, however, that your local record store may not have exactly what the Record Store Day website offers. The best way to find out is to visit Smith Rock Records’ Instagram page where the store usually posts the items that they are receiving for the event. 

Photo captured by Tristan Hackbart

Smith Rock Records will also participate in giveaways along with Record Store Day. In one event, the store hid concert tickets inside certain Record Store Day releases. In another event, the store gave away free 45 RPM vinyls to the first few people who were in line. 

With COVID-19 cases rising in Central Oregon, please be sure to bring and wear your mask upon entering. Hand sanitizer will be available at the front door and masks may be provided if you did not bring one. In the previous years, Smith Rock Records allowed a maximum of 6 person capacity. 



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