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The Bling Ring Review

India Slodki/The Broadside 

Sofia Coppola’s 2013 film “The Bling Ring,” tells the story of a group of Beverly Hills teens that break into celebrities’ houses and steal their luxury goods. Based on a true story, the film credits Nancy Jo Sales’ 2010 article, The Suspects Wore Louboutins, as its source material. 

More than anything, the movie feels like a collection of stock reels. The shots are washed out and hazy, lending the story an initial feeling of triviality. Even when the break-ins begin, the audience is sedated into acceptance as the teens regale in the closets of those they idolize and admire, taking tokens of their conquests. 

The story that the film portrays is disjointed and underdeveloped. The audience becomes used to the crew bathing themselves in a life of luxury, never seeing the consequences of their actions. This serves to exemplify the feeling of invincibility these kids get addicted to. When consequences do come, they feel forced and rushed. 

Overall, The Bling Ring feels inexperienced and juvenile, similar to its subjects. The tempo of the story stutters, as slow points rely on shots of affluence to sustain the viewer’s attention. Character development feels uneven. The motive seems scarce, and gaps of understanding are filled by the material. If anything, the film centers more on the goods than the kids themselves. 



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