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Los Retros “Everlasting” Review

India Slodki/The Broadside

A probing piano and synth combo introduces the first song on Everlasting, Los Retros’ 2020 EP. Cry of The Humble is the 2020 EP’s first track, setting a very relaxed and pensive tone through a mellow and circulating instrumental background. The vocals bring in a jazzy element, reminiscent of a classy hotel bar. Hazy bedroom pop motifs concur with a vintage pop sound. 

Mauri Tapia is the face behind Los Retros. Hailing from Oxnard, Ca, Tapia is the sole contributor to Los Retros. Tapia draws on his background listening to 70s and 80s soft pop, creating a soupy atmosphere that can be found throughout the EP. 

This is most noticeable in The Messiah, the third song and midpoint of the EP. A funky bass line at the heart of the song feels groggy and sluggish, while Plantasia-esque synths dance around it. Tapia’s vocals are bold against the sonic background, bordering on being out of place. 

The first generation Mexican-American plays and produces everything on Everlasting, taking the term bedroom pop to heart. Tapia is in his early twenties, and has already carved out a space for himself in the hazy sub-section of psychedelia. 

More disjointed moments on the EP, like Sweet Honey remind us that Tapia is still finding his footing. Sweet Honey plays host to a nauseatingly sweet synth track, a meek drum beat in tow. Disjointed vocals feel offsetting, as blocky pronunciation feels off center.



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