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High desert hiking at Chimney Rock, OR – Photo Gallery

Marvin Walder/The Broadside

Central Oregon is home to a very wide array of diverse and unique ecosystems, many of which house complex trail systems for hiking and recreation. One such spot is Chimney Rock along the Crooked River, near Prineville, OR. There’s parking available at the Chimney Rock Campground and a 1.3-mile trail that winds up a canyon onto the plateau by the unique rock structure above. The scenery is quite good from the top, as one can see the wide expanse of the high desert, and the Crooked River Valley carve through it below. The trail is a little more difficult than a simple stroll, and it has some drops in places, but it’s nothing experienced pets and children wouldn’t be able to tackle. The Crooked River also offers some nice places to set up camp or go fly fishing, ideal for a weekend getaway into the outdoors.



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