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5 ways to spend spring break in Central Oregon

Miina McCown/The Broadside 

Central Oregon is well known for its nature and breathtaking hiking locations, but what are some other ways to spend this spring break without traveling and making the most of where we live? Keep reading for some fun, safe and affordable ways to enjoy Central Oregon during this spring break.

  1. Safely enjoy live music
By Miina McCown

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy live and affordable music in Bend, Sisters and other Central Oregon locations safely, including in-person as well as some virtual options. Some of these include Toast and Jam at River’s Place, Loose Platoon at the River’s Place, Victory Swig at River’s Place, Know Wild – Looking From the Inside Out virtual event, AJ Croce Livestream Series virtual event, Shane Brown at Worthy Brewing, Superball at the Horseshoe Tavern and more. The sites linked can help you find more information, purchase tickets or view similar events.

  1. Enjoy beer culture
By Miina McCown

Indulge in one of the things that Bend is best known for – alcoholic beverages. Some of the affordable beer culture events that are available for all of the Central Oregon beer lovers include the High Gravity Brewfest at McMenamins Old St. Francis School as well as many local’s day and night events at Crosscut Warming Hut, the Boneyard Pub and Silver Moon Brewing. Additionally, grab some growlers for less at Growler Discount Night at Bevel Craft Brewing. View some similar events and more details using each link.

  1. Explore new hiking/biking spots

Just when you thought you’ve been to just about every hiking spot Central Oregon has to offer, there’s more to discover. From relaxing strolls by the river to full-day excursions in the Oregon wilderness, there’s a trail for everyone, hikers and bikers alike. Check out this Visit Central Oregon page for many hiking and biking options all throughout Central Oregon, as well as this article that contains what may be some lesser-known locations for those seeking out something entirely new, or just want to spend some quiet time in nature.

By Miina McCown
  1. Participate in a run
By Miina McCown

It’s always good to get off of the couch and to get moving, and what better way to do it than outside and with others? Whether you consider yourself a beginner or advanced runner, the CORK Saturday Long Run at Northwest Crossing, the CORK Thursday Run at the Old Mill and the Redmond Running Group Run are fit for any level, encouraging participants to travel at their own pace, options including as little as three and as many as eight miles. 

  1. Check out and show support for a newly opened business 

In recent months, there have been a plethora of newly opened businesses in Bend and other Central Oregon locations, including Somewhere That’s Green, Winco, Sephora, Stoller Wine, Blissful Spoon, Fjallraven, CHOW Burger, new Backporch Coffee Roasters downtown, Deeply Rooted, The Pantry, and more, many of which offer drinks or cuisine. Shoppers can spend spring break exploring these new locations and showing support during a difficult time to open a new location or business.

By Miina McCown


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