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Support your local coffee shops


Sarah Lightley/The Broadside 

Last year was hard for many people, but our local coffee shops continued to support us through the hard times. The service industry has changed and adapted because of COVID-19. For a while some coffee shops were not taking cash or stamping cards. The coffee shops with seating had to find a way for people to enjoy their beverages and pastries outside. 


Looney Bean, a coffee shop that is located in downtown Bend, has been taking orders and delivering orders through windows, ensuring contact with people is limited inside the coffee shop. “We created a safe place,” said Jordan a Looney Bean employee. “We have some of the best outdoor seating because the river is close by.” 

By Sarah Lightley

Sparrow Bakery Northwest decided to set up an online ordering platform. Go to their website and get ready to order your favorite baked goods and have it delivered to your doorstep the next day.

Sparrow Bakery Northwest just launched “Twice More.” 

This campaign “encourages communities to order take-out twice more a week to help out local restaurants,” said an employee of Sparrow Bakery Northwest. 

You can out find more about this campaign by clicking this link.  

By Sarah Lightley

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters also has set up online ordering and switched to take out.

Scott Witham, the owner of Lone Pine Coffee Roasters, commented, “We took all the necessary safety precautions while keeping Lone Pine as warm and welcoming as we’ve become known for.”


Have you ever wondered how coffee shops come up with new drinks?

Jordan said, “It’s like a tasting day with the employees and owners, new ideas are thrown out, and we try new recipes.”

By Sarah Lightley

“New drinks are from the creative minds of our baristas. We taste and test until it’s just right and then release to the public,” said Witham from Lone Pine Coffee.

Lone Pine Coffee Roasters started as a roasting-only operation in Madras, Oregon in 2007. In 2009, they opened up the Tin Pan Alley Cafe, and it was open for ten years. The new cafe opened in 2020 and is located on Harriman Street in Bend, Oregon.

By Sarah Lightley

“Just a few weeks ago we opened a second location on the east side (of Bend) by the hospital, close to OnTap and Jackson’s Corner,” said Witham.


Looney Bean started from a chain in 1992, and in 2013 local owners bought the location in Bend. 

“Looney Bend is the best spot to hang out, has great baristas, and it’s a very welcoming place,” said Jordan. 

Jordan said, “we have good relationships with returning customers and new ones.” 

Looney Bean donates leftover food and pastries to local food banks. 


Sparrow Bakery Northwest was opened in 2014 and was previously bought from a bakery called Blue Sparrow Baking. The owners wanted to respect the past place, but also change the name to make it feel new, thus Sparrow Bakery was born. 


Coffee shops are where work gets done, students study for tests, friends hangout, and families get together. The smile you get from the barista in the morning, before work, starts your day off well. Coffee and Tea are sometimes essential and your favorite coffee place can make your day.   







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