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COCC’s Outdoor Leadership Program – Photo Gallery

Marvin Walder/The Broadside

Central Oregon is a hotspot for outdoor recreational activities, which in turn, creates a demand for experienced leaders and guides. Fortunately, COCC has just the program to equip students with all the essential skills they’ll need to be successful in such roles through its series of Outdoor Leadership (OL) classes. There are three Outdoor Leadership classes that will be available in-person during the coming spring term.

The OL 171 class (pictured above) aims to prepare students for outdoor activities with practical hands-on training using equipment from sports such as rock climbing, rafting, and alpine mountaineering. The class also teaches knot tying, belaying, rappelling, and will teach about the use of systems such as anchors, raises, and lowers.

The OL 244 class offers education in the psychology of risk and adventure in an outdoor leadership role. This class aims to make students aware of psychological components of outdoor activity and leadership such as perception, motivation, anxiety, arousal, and risk-taking.

The OL 263 class focuses on certifying students in Basic Wilderness Life Support so that students are able to act as wilderness first responders and so that they have the skills needed to treat basic injuries and illnesses that can be encountered in the wilderness. When taken in conjunction with a 1 credit CPR class, students can earn a BWLS certification that will greatly benefit their ability to act as a leader or guide for outdoor recreation.

For those who are interested in researching or applying for Outdoor Leadership classes, information can be found on COCC’s Outdoor Leadership page.



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