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Free COCC sports events to visit this fall

Marvin Walder/The Broadside

With a lack of classes and events on campus due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, students might find themselves wanting to socialize and participate in physical activities while still following COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Fortunately, COCC is providing a multitude of sports and activities for students this fall, completely free of charge.

All events are masked and socially distanced to ensure student safety, while still providing a great opportunity to meet other students and get some exercise. Some of the more popular past events included learning to slackline at Tula Movement Arts, Basketball at Bend Hoops, and open swim at Juniper Swim & Fitness. Any interested student can visit the Sports During COVID page for the full updated list of upcoming events. Link to the Sports During COVID page.

Photo by Marvin Walder

While some of the previous events have faced difficulties with a lack of turnout, Joshua Motenko, the Assistant Director of Club and Intramural Sports, is staying positive and continues to focus on ways to bring accessible sporting events to Central Oregon Community College students.

“We are hosting them to help students get out of the house, have fun, meet people and stay fit,” said Motenko. “Recreation is difficult these days, but it’s more important now, in my opinion, than ever. Our health is not just physical and mental, but there are other dimensions of health that are commonly lacking these days, like social and spiritual health. Through play and sport, we’re trying to keep students healthy in 2020.”

Photo by Marvin Walder

There is also a focus on the diversity of events offered and tailoring events to what students are currently interested in.

“In a short time we have created a diverse array of options in the community and online since campus closed. We’re running, doing non-contact basketball and soccer workouts and competitions, playing pickleball, golf and e-sports, and doing slacklining and arial yoga – all safely social distanced and masked. And most importantly, they’re all free,” said Motenko. “We’ve scheduled them conveniently on weekday afternoons, Fridays, and Saturdays to accomodate class schedules, but if there’s a group of students that wants to all play together, I want to accommodate them.”

Photo by Marvin Walder

If any students have questions or ideas for new events, contact



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