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COCC students reaction to the election, ‘just the next best thing 2020 has to offer’

McKenzie Leary/The Broadside

With Election results slowly pouring in since Tuesday, everyone has on the edge of their seats. An anonymous survey to determine how college students feel about the election was passed around to gather information on how everyone is handling the election. One student described the election’s impact on their life as “just the next best thing 2020 has to offer.”

From the survey, it seems that students have been affected in different ways, with one student saying, “It’s creating a lot of stress for my day-to-day life, and most of my conversations the past couple of days have been about it.” While another student claimed it hadn’t impacted their life whatsoever.

83% of surveyed students said their most significant emotion surrounding the election is anxiety. Other emotions expressed were, overwhelmed, scared, annoyed, upset, and hopeful.

All surveyed students voted and said that they believe this election was important as well. At the time of taking the survey, 25% of students said they were happy with the election predictions, 8.3% were unhappy, and 66.7% said, “it’s complicated.”

As of Nov. 6, mail-in ballots in multiple states continue to be counted, and federal election results will continue to be close for another few days. The United States is a democracy, and results cannot be called until every vote has been counted. So, whether you’ve been glued to the news waiting for an official answer, or you’ve been living life per usual, hang in there. It will all be over soon.



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