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COCC student newspaper starts email newsletter

And you can sign up on The Broadside's website.

Recently, a new student-led project has arisen for those who like to stay up to date with all that goes on at COCC: The Broadside, the college’s student-run newspaper, is starting a weekly email newsletter to better engage with its audience.

As The Broadside has moved to an all-online format, the new project aims to bring stories straight to its readers’ inboxes, with a list of the week’s stories, a note from the editor-in-chief Seth Root and a photo gallery.

Root says he hopes to use the newsletter to engage COCC students and the community in Central Oregon, with “exciting new articles from the past week” so that people can stay up to date with their community. As to what led to the decision to start the newsletter, Root says, “We wanted something that will get people to read all the exciting content that we have on the website, but we wanted to do it in such a way that was thoughtful and meaningful to our readers.”

To sign up for the newsletter, you can go to The Broadside’s website,, and select ‘Newsletter Signup’ in the ‘News’ dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can click here.



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