Redmond’s former City Hall building will be demolished

Redmond's former City Hall building

Amber Reed/ The Broadside
Redmond, Oregon’s former City Hall building will be demolished after three years of vacancy. Located on the corner of SW Evergreen Avenue and SW 7th street, the building will be replaced with a parking lot for downtown restaurant and business patron parking.

In 2018, Redmond’s City Hall was moved out of the building that now sits vacant across from Centennial Park. It relocated to the historic building that was home to Evergreen Elementary School. The building was no longer able to serve as a space for students and was shut down due to the cost of repairs. However, the building was later restored.

On June 23, 2020, a virtual meeting was held by City Council members and the Urban Renewal Agency Board to discuss the decision to demolish the former City Hall building.

“It was no longer cost effective to maintain that building,” said Mayor George Endicott.

The parking lot is projected to be finished by Thanksgiving and will contain over 100 parking spaces.

“For many folks, the building carries a sense of nostalgia because it was built in the 1940’s. Many changes have been made to it since then,” said Endicott.


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