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Central Oregon tattoo and piercing shops re-open

Amber Reed/The Broadside
Tattoo and piecing shops are beginning to reopen their doors for the first time since the news of COVID-19. Local shops including Monolith Tattoo Studio in Bend, Eternal Tattoo in Redmond and Trend Kill are beginning to take customers. These shops are working to ensure that patrons and staff remain safe and healthy.

The ways that different shops conduct business will vary from shop to shop. For shops that have a larger amount of open space, there is less concern for the amount of people who are in the shop at one time. However, masks will still be required and maintaining a clean environment is a priority. Shops will continue to wipe down surfaces after each customer and ensure that all needles used are new and sanitary.

At the Monolith Tattoo Studio, clients with scheduled appointments for a consultation or tattooing session receive a text message outlining rules to keep everyone safe and healthy. The text message is sent to every client one to three days before the appointment and contains information about the studio, new guidelines and a waiver.
“We already adhere to strict sanitation guidelines, but we are upping our regimens to align with the guidelines provided by the Oregon Health Authority,” reads some of the information.

Monolith will not be accepting clients who have been out of the country in the last two weeks, have had or are currently experiencing symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus, or have had contact with someone who had the COVID-19 virus. All clients must wait outside of the building until their appointment time and must come alone. When clients arrive, they must call the front desk and will be asked a series of questions that further confirm they are not experiencing any symptoms.

Hours will remain the same for most businesses, but because of the transition back to work there are a few complications. The complications come from scheduling and adapting to reopening after being closed for the last few months as stated by Delaney Vecqueray from Monolith Tattoo Studio, “We are able to keep our normal hours, but because of all the rescheduling everyone has had to work a little bit more.”
There has been an increase in clients since the stay at home order was lifted and they are doing all they can to serve as many people as possible while still ensuring that safety is not compromised.

In Redmond, shops like Trend Kill have masks as optional for customers, but all staff wear masks. It is required of everyone who enters the shop to sanitize their hands and follow outlined paths on the floor to ensure that people are able to maintain a safe six feet distance. There are plastic dividers attached to each service counter in order to keep employees safe. In addition to that, all furniture has been removed from the lobby to make more space and customers will not be allowed to wait in the lobby. Minors are the only people allowed to have another person with them if it is a parent or guardian. People who are not currently being served must wait outside the shop. It is being asked that anyone who has symptoms stay home so as to not put others at risk. Trend Kill only takes walk-ins, meaning that they do not schedule appointments.



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