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The COCC Foundation Scholarship is here!

Now is the perfect time to apply for the Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation Scholarship is an opportunity that should not be missed. The Central Oregon Community College Foundation wants to ensure that students have financial assistance if needed. Even if fall term of 2020 ends up choosing remote learning, scholarships will still be given.

A student who should apply for the foundation scholarship should be enrolled in at least six credits for fall term, have a 2.0 grade point average or higher and a FASFA or ORSAA completed by July 1. Students who enroll at COCC for the first time are required to submit high school or college transcripts.

“Each year the COCC Foundation offers nearly 400 awards totaling $1.7 million students. A scholarship is easy to apply for and can be renewed for two additional years,” according to the COCC website.

No matter how long a student has been enrolled at COCC, the Foundation Scholarship can be renewed. The COCC Foundation’s main purpose is to support students with scholarships and financial aid. Students that reflect academic and extracurricular accomplishments while in financial crisis stand out when applying for the Foundation Scholarship. If those students want to receive support from the Foundation, three important scholarship questions must be answered.

The three questions required are a student’s financial and life circumstances, education and career goals and personal accomplishments. These are the narrative questions that the scholarship application will ask according to the COCC website. This is a chance for students to tell their true story to the volunteers observing the scholarship.

The amount of money that is awarded to students depends on the number of credits a student is enrolled in each term. For instance, if a student is taking seven credits during fall term, that student may receive $725 off their tuition. In winter term, if the same student takes 11 credits instead, that student would receive $1,087. The more credits enrolled, the more money is given.

If a student already applied last year for the Foundation Scholarship, then those requirements have been completed already. Those students will receive an email or letter in July for the 2020-2021 school year. Additional questions about the Foundation Scholarship can be answered by calling (541)-383-7225 or by emailing

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