Recreation Movement of 2020

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In spite of COVID-19 taking away opportunities to go to the gym, people have still found ways to set up their own workouts at home or through Zoom. There is now a new way to keep track of exercises and work towards fitness goals at Central Oregon Community College.


The 2020 Recreation Movement is a nation-wide movement.  Colleges all across the country compete with each other over how many physical activities can be completed until the pandemic is over. This movement is in partnership with NIRSA, Instagram, TikTok, and 75 colleges and universities. If more students join the movement by logging what exercises are performed each day, then COCC will rise in the ranks.


According to the 2020 Recreation Movement website, COCC is ranked 57 out of all the colleges in the movement (this number is subject to change). COCC is competing against top colleges such as Stanford and the University of Maryland. Joshua Motenko, assistant director of club and intramural sports, wants more students to join so COCC can outrank some of these other colleges. Regardless of competition, more importantly, Joshua Motenko wants to make sure students are staying active in the community.


“For our sports at home initiative, we are trying to get students to a participate in this 2020 Recreation Movement,” says Joshua Motenko.


There are 3 methods of participating in the recreation movement.

  • Logging movements up to two hours a day and see how students compete against others
  • There are free classes on the recreation movement website as well as TikTok live videos
  • On social media if the #RecAtHome and #COCCBobcats are used


If students want to participate, go to using a COCC email. From there, all of the participation methods are available.

Jack Peeples/ The Broadside


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