Safe Ways to Shop During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Amber Reed/The Broadside
With the pandemic becoming a daily concern for many people, daily activities have become exceedingly more complicated including things like going to the grocery store or shopping in general. Here are some ways to keep yourself and others safe during this time, and even save some money.
The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, recommends avoiding close contact with others, and to wear a mask if or when you need to go out in public. When embarking on a shopping trip, it is recommended to go only when absolutely necessary, not to go in a large group and be sure to make a list ahead of time to be sure to get what is needed while spending the least amount of time in public.

Also, if able, stock enough food to stay inside longer between shopping trips. To keep yourself and others safe, try to follow the 6-foot distance rule and wear a mask in order to lessen the spread of the virus. Some stores have implemented new rules to help make this easier by making isles one way so that customers do not need to squeeze past each other while shopping. Places like Costco have taken it a step further by sanitizing shopping carts and letting only a few people in at a time to accommodate the new rules and keep everything running smoothly and safely for everyone.

There is also an online option offered at many stores. Ordering via app or on the website and picking up the groceries in the designated parking area helps minimize contact with the public. This is a great option for people with young children, or people predisposed to other health issues and are considered higher-risk.

Retail stores have also experienced changes during these times when it comes to their seasonal stock. These retailers are seeing some decreases in shoppers this spring season for obvious reasons, meaning that there is a lot of spring clothing stock to get out the door before summer begins. Many of these stores are turning to online sales to get rid of their time sensitive trends. On the plus side, many people are shopping online, so the switch to online can be potentially helpful.


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