Late spring term classes are here!

(Jack Peeples/The Broadside)

For those admitted to Central Oregon Community College who didn’t register for spring classes, rest easy.  Starting on May 11, late spring term classes will begin.  This is an exciting time for students who might have missed out on the opportunity to register for classes.  COVID-19 may impact student life, but that doesn’t stop students from getting a late start on a course.

“College Relations and Admissions and Records have jointly developed a social media and direct mail campaign,” According to the Spring Term Late Start FAQ’s page.  This would account for spring term admitted students, summer term students and other groups interested in COCC.

These classes are expected to be much shorter, but the same course material for the typical 11-week cycle will be taught to students regardless of time constraints.  The classes are expected to start May 11th , although dates might change depending on the course.  Teachers have been accepting applications since April 13.  The deadline to apply for one of these courses is May 6.  The deadline to drop these courses is May 13.

New students who want to enroll in these courses would follow the same procedure for when they started their first term at COCC.  However, students should know that the online orientation must be completed prior to registration.  Financial aid will also be available for these classes.  New students should submit financial aid through FASFA or ORSAA.  Students who have already register for classes may just have to talk to a financial advisor to see if they are eligible for financial aid.

The 7 online late spring term classes that are being offered include Customer Service, College Success, Health and Fitness, Ancient Societies, Information Literacy, History of Jazz, and Adjust my Placement.  While most of these classes are online, there is one class that is going to be in person, which is a life support class specifically designed for COVID-19 and health care.

Jack Peeples/The Broadside


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