Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Cascade East Transit Makes a Change

Seth Root/The Broadside

While many students may have stopped using public transportation until the Stay-at-Home order is lifted, those who continue using it will notice things are different.

Cascade East Transit, or CET, announced last week that on April 20 they are requiring all passengers, including Central Oregon Students that ride the bus, to wear masks.

This announcement was in response to new guidelines that were announced by the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, which recommended that people use masks, scarfs or bandanas while out in public.

 “Passengers will not be allowed to board a CET bus if they are not wearing a mask or face covering. CET is putting public health first and closely following recommendations from the CDC, Oregon Health Authority, and the Governor to help keep our drivers and passengers safe and healthy,” said CET in a news release.

So the next time you board a bus, make sure you have a mask on!



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