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Carl’s Corner: What a difference a year makes

By Carl Swanson | The Broadside (Contact:

Last January, Bend set a record for the most amount of snow in three-day time span.
There was over two feet of snow on the ground and the Central Oregon Community College
had to cancel classes for the first three days of the winter term. The low temperatures were
cold and there was not that much relief during the day because the temperatures did not warm up that much, keeping the snow from melting. The snow that did melt, would just freeze during the night creating icy roads, and sidewalks in the morning. Even when the temperature started to warm up, there was still there was not much relief on the snow melting because Bend kept on being hit with one snow storm after another, and the snow that melted between storms would just be replaced with new snow. Most of the outdoor exercise classes that used the event field and the track, had to be played in doors. There was hardly any place to park because the snow was piled up in the parking lots. Most of the cars and trucks parked along the side of the roads were buried in snow, making it difficult for the snowplows to plow the roads. This year there is no snow on the ground, classes are going as schedule with no large snow storms in the forecast. ■



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