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Walking the (slack) line: New clubs at COCC

Throughout the U.S, slackliners push the limits (and heights) as they maintain their balance across the line. In an outdoor community, such as Bend, this sport has increased in popularity, even on our own college grounds.

The Slackline Club is a new club at Central Oregon Community College. They meet on Thursdays at 12:30pm to 3:00pm. The club was started by first year student, Jacob Stober.

“I wanted to build the slackline community in Central Oregon,” said Stober. “Mark Warren inspired me to get in tune with the community and spread slacklining. I’m also new to Central Oregon and just wanted to meet new people.”

Stober first got into slacklining when he lived in Georgia.

“My high school buddy and good friend to this day, Chris Wilson, got me into it, and I just never stopped. I really love running the club, especially since I get to do something that I love while running it.”

Fourth year student, Kelli “Kale” Jones was a participant at the last club meeting.

“[Stober] started this club and he is dope, slacklining is dope. We’re trying to build a community here,” Jones said.

“Beginners are welcome and we stay close to the ground here,” said Stober. “I hope the picture with the guy slacklining up high didn’t freak anyone out.” Stober also explained that club members are more than willing to teach others how to slackline.

“It really is a relaxing experience with lots of good vibes.  I really hope to provide this much needed atmosphere during finals week,” he said.


By Mckayla Schneider | The Broadside




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