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Sharing Traditions and Culture: The 2017 Salmon Bake

The Salmon Bake to the people in Warm Springs, Oregon is a tradition that is thousands of years old. The wood that is used in the circular pit to cook the salmon is Alder wood, which is native to the Columbia River region where the Wasco people originally came from.

Warm Springs, Oregon was originally made up of the Wasco, Warm Springs, and Paiute Tribes, who lived along the Cascade Mountains as well as the Columbia River.

Gina Ricketts, director of the Native American Program, is a large part of this annual event at COCC. This year, the Salmon Bake was held on June 3rd on the track field.

The event was full of dances from the Quartz Creek Dance group and well as Polynesian dancers, a magician, a silent auction, and a free lunch.

The silent auction was held to raise funds for the First Nation Student Union (FNSU) Scholarship Fund. The crafts, art, beading, and jewelry that was sold at the auction were mostly donated from businesses located in Warm Springs, Oregon.

For more information about the Native American Program, contact Gina Ricketts at


By Katya Agatucci | The Broadside




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