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Campus Profile: Julian Darwin

Involvement at COCC: Taking a piano class so that he can work on rhythm because he likes to play classical guitar and would like to use what he learns in piano class to strengthen his rhythmic abilities. Julian also works in the culinary department at COCC as a program coordinator.

Favorite song: Bolero by Maurice Ravel.

Larry Farrington: Have you experienced anything cool or worth mentioning?

Julian Darwin: “Today? Something cool happens every day, I wake up.”

Darwin went on to describe his day up until the point that the interview began. He had, helped advise some students, and attended his piano class. He was on his way to help some students refine one of their dishes in preparation for a cooking competition. The dish, filleted sole d’egmont, is a piece of poached fish, “it’s quite complicated,” Darwin explained a bit of the science that goes into successfully cooking the dish. What it takes to cook something by poaching it. “It’s not boiling, it’s not simmering, it’s one less,” said Darwin.

LF: If you could have a conversation with a younger version of yourself, what would

you try to say?

JD: “I’d say take everything, leave nothing on the table. That means, when you’re out there in the world, be aware of where you are. Be in the present moment. When you’re there don’t be daydreaming about what you’re gonna do for dinner, just be there.”

LF: What do you think about the presidential election this year?

JD: “It’s a circus. It’s amusing, I mean, it’s comedy. I don’t think you can believe anything either one of them says because it’s all just noise really, it’s all just making a lot of noise.Whoever makes the loudest noise, gets the most votes? Maybe.”

LF: What’s really going on?

JD: “You have to live what you know. So here we are, walking past this fabulous sculpture, on this beautiful campus, breathing this fabulously clean air, just had a music class. What’s more to know?”


Larry Farrington | The Broadside




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