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Stanley William Hayter, one of the most significant printmakers in the 20th century and founder of Atelier 17 where artists such as Miro, Picasso and Kandinsky, created prints supporting the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War. His techniques influenced artist Mandy Livingston (1970s) and Karen Ellis, participant artist in REFLECT: The Fine Art of Printmaking Explored with Innovation and Ingenuity Art hosted in the Atrium at Franklin Crossing in Bend, Oregon.

Artwork by Paula Bullwinkel displayed in the Franklin Crossing Atrium. Right: Family, Monotype with mixed-media. Center: Annie Rides, Etching. Left: Cat Cave, Monotype with mixed-media.
Artwork by Paula Bullwinkel displayed in the Franklin Crossing Atrium. Right: Family, Monotype with mixed-media. Center: Annie Rides, Etching. Left: Cat Cave, Monotype with mixed-media.

REFLECT is organized by Karen Ellis, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Fine Arts and Communication at Central Oregon Community College. Ellis notes that REFLECT, the exhibit of artists’ works, features a wide variety of printmaking processes including simultaneous color, saline-sulfate-etched aluminum, collagraph, monotype with mixed media, ImagOn photo intaglio, relief printing with mixed-media and more.

Ellis has built a career in art education. She began as a double major in studio art and art history at North West University and furthered her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. Ellis received her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. In Hawaii, she took workshops with visiting artist and printmaker, Hayter.

Prints made by Mandy Livingston created at Atelier 17 in the 1970s are displayed in the show. Livingston was influenced by Hayter’s innovative printmaking technique, which featured the development of viscosity printing, also known as simultaneous color printing.

In the press release for REFLECT, Turner stated, “Studying with Hayter fueled Ellis’ passion for printmaking along with the instruction of undergraduate students nurtured her interest in teaching.”

Ellis did her graduate study on Process of Creativity. Ellis said she has a “sincere respect for the muse of each student while adding to technical skills and encouraging individual creative potential.”

Printmaking is taught at COCC and OSU-Cascades at various times, but it is not offered every term. Ellis said that perhaps this may change if more interest is expressed. Furthermore, some printmaking methods are incorporated in other classes such as Drawing, Painting and Design. If students are interested in taking classes in printmaking, Ellis encourages taking classes at A6. has a list of upcoming classes.

Terry Golecker has been an avid print maker at A6 since 2015. Currently she teaches part time at COCC and Easter Oregon Univsity.

Golecker said that her prints, displayed in REFLECT, “just happened, and the combination of mixed media created meaning.”

Patricia Freeman-Martin, volunteer and teacher at A6 since 2008 and a principal member of the Hood Avenue Art Gallery in Sisters, grew up and attended school in Pendleton, Oregon. She practices printmaking for the joy of discovering new marks that arise from the process.

Freeman-Martin has three works displayed in REFLECT that each possesses a unique story that rewards the viewer for looking longer.

Paula Bullwinkel, currently teaches Film Photography and Basic Design and Color at COCC. She is an established photographer and artist and was featured on the cover of the Cascade A&E last month. In this show, Bullwinkel tried to capture the female figure and attitude in the form of a personal narrative.

Dawn Emerson is not formally teaching at COCC this year, but she is facilitating the continuing education figure drawing class on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Pinckney auditorium. All students are welcome to attend with a small payment of $4–$10 to the model. Emerson started printmaking at A6 eight years ago. Prior to that she worked mainly in pastel.

Emerson said, “I reflect the full gamut of emotions and energy I experience with animals, people and places through my art work.” In REFLECT Emerson has three prints, all of animals.

Lynn Rothan, Justyn Livingston, Pat Clark, Ingrid Lustig, Lynn Woodward, Dawn Emerson, Kris Elkin and Barbara Hudin also have prints displayed in REFLECT at the atrium in the Franklin Crossing building.

The exhibition will run from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. until April 30.


Danielle Meyers | The Broadside




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    Otherwise, the article was very informative and a pleasure to read. Thank you, Danielle, for your interest in and dedication to the arts!


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