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Poetry Corner (December 2, 2015)

Students from Jane Thielsen’s writing 242 Poetry class submitted their works to The Broadside for publication.

Glass Fishing Float

By Mary Nelson

How rare to find that glass float –

emerald green glinting, encased in a crusty bit of net

tiny clinging crustaceans caught

in twisted seaweed

I poked at it with my toe,

turning it over in the sand

it smelled sharply of ocean waves

salty, sun-baked, gritty

only moments before it must have been

sailing, dancing on wind and sea –

sunlight filtering through bubbles caught

in a green glass globe

Who tied all these precise netted knots?

Whose breath lies sealed inside?

Who tossed it overboard to ride the sea,

wave after wave after wave –

until finally freed by salt and wind?

Do they know their green jewel’s gone?

Cradled now in the crook of my arm,

not even the circling gulls notice my find.



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