Poetry Corner (November 4, 2015)


Students from Jane Thielsen’s writing 242 Poetry class submitted their works to The Broadside for publication.



By Mary Nelson

Fenced in with dry sage and bitterbrush,

An ancient Juniper stands guard

Over rocks and dust –

Juniperus…its name sounds more like a Greek warrior

Than this twisted beast of a tree;

Gnarled prickly branches splay outward

Fingering the cobalt blue sky,

While clusters of tiny birds flit about

Pecking at the dusty blue berries…

I envision the ancient tree at night,

A sliver of a moon perched over one shoulder

And a sky-full of stars overhead;

Perhaps a coyote pauses beneath it to listen,

Head cocked slightly,

For the soft sound of a mouse scurrying

Through the dust at its feet;

Juniperus – silent guardian of rocks and time –

In the century of years you’ve watched

What beauty have you witnessed?

Laundry Room

By Isabelle Williams

Peanut butter

Mouse, Dead.


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