Farewell to Willan Cervantes


After three years at the
college, Willan Cervantes,
Latino Preparation Outreach
Coordinator is bidding
farewell to the campus.
Cervantes last day is in
August 2015.
“I came [to COCC] with
a purpose and I feel like I
managed to accomplish that
purpose through the programs
created,” Cervantes
According to Cervantes,
the programs he started in
the past three years targeting
the Latino community
in and around COCC will
continue to grow and thrive
even when he is gone.
“I’m leaving it [the programs]
behind with a good
foundation,” Cervantes
said. ‘And the person who
might replace me will take
it to the next level.”
Part of the reason why
Cervantes made the decision
to part ways with the
school has to do with his
family, who currently live
in the Salem area.
“My family, my children,
are out in the Salem
area so I have been splitting
my time going back and
forth,” said Cervantes, “It
was certainly a sacrifice so
that I could have this career
What’s next for Cervantes
future is somewhat
“As far as where I’m
going, I’m still deciding,”
Cervantes said. “I’m getting
feelers out in the Portland
and Salem area I still
don’t have anything concrete.”
Cervantes expresses that
his time with COCC was an
invaluable lesson that will
remain with him after he
“I’ve really enjoyed
COCC, the overall academic,
the programs and the
culture,” Cervantes said.
“I think they all are very
proactive, it’s all been very


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside
(Contact: bgonzalez@cocc.edu)



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