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Brayan’s how to guide for everything. ..Farewell..


As the year comes to a close and all
of us prepare for finals week, there but
one thing left for me to say, it has been
wonderful. Since starting this column
we have talked about dating, relationships,
partying, finding a job, growing
up and more. However, there is one
more subject we need to approach before
the last call is given and curtain falls
on what has been a year to remember,
and that is how to say goodbye.
Just like many other students my time at
COCC is ending. I am graduating and
moving on to Portland State University
to continue my this journey called life.
My time spent here have been some of
the best and, lets be honest, the worse
of my life (at least so far) COCC has imparted
me with lessons that might save
my life some day, who knows. But in
the spirits or remembrance, follow my
last tips on how to have a memorable
goodbye with those you hold dear.
#1: Be polite: When those final moments
come, take them with grace and
ease, be polite when saying goodbye to
either teachers or faculty.
#2: Do A walk thru: There is nothing
wrong with taking one last stroll
through the halls of the buildings where
most of the classes are held. Just make
sure you keep some tissues handy just
in case you need them .
#3: Take photos: They do say that
an image is worth 1,000 words. Take
some images to remember this place
when you go off and live your life far
#4: Spend it with friends: Some of
the best friends you will have in life you
will make them during college, so spend
the day with those who you have grown
close to over your time here, especially
if you’re moving away and won’t get to
see them as much.
#5: Spend it with family: If, like
me, you will be moving away, there is
nothing wrong with spending a lot of
time at home with loved ones. I’m sure
mom and dad will be thrilled to have
you, just don’t annoy them and make
sure to give them some space once in
a while.
When you’re doing all this, just remember
that even though it’s the end of your
time here at COCC, it doesn’t mean it’s
truly the end of everything. One can always
come back and visit.
Now, for the tenth and last entry in the
series of Guy-code and Girl-code, The
guide to Today’s Young People:
#10: Thou shalt not make wrongful use
of crying – Save your tears for a particularly
forceful pepper sprayings, the
untimely passing of your four legged
best friend or the birth of your first born.
Unacceptable instances include weddings,
funerals, non-critical injuries,
critical injuries, or any cinematic experience
whatsoever. #GUYCODE
#10: Know when to walk away. If you
have tried countless times to get a guys
attention but he is still A) clueless about
your intentions or B) no interest whatsoever,
have some self-respect and know
to walk away. It may sting at first but
just remember, there are plenty of other
fish in the sea. #GIRLCODE
Now fellow Bobcats, it had been a pleasure
and ton of fun writing this for you,
until we meet again remember to keep
cool, keep it groovy, keep it safe, but
above all remember to always TREAT


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside



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