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Review: Amazing almost Operatic Armenian Music with a Twist

Bet William’s four-octave range voice
mesmerized students on campus on April
8. Williams’ music blends folk, rock and
roots rhythms with intelligent lyrics and
infectious hooks.
Williams was joined on April 8 at Central
Oregon Community College by John
Hodian, a composer, conductor, and pianist
whose music combines his Armenian
roots with classical composition techniques
and free improvisation,” according
to his website.
Over the past 15 years, Hodian has
scored over 250 documentary films and
won the New York Emmy award for “Best
music for a documentary.”
Before attending this concert,
I’d never heard Armenian music before.
Within a few minutes of the opening, I
was a fan. Armenian sound and songs
come from is based on their tragic life
which makes it sound mournful, haunting
and nostalgic some of the songs are sung
in a dead language.
Williams is the master of Armenian
music. When she sings you can feel every
emotion just by looking at her face. You
can hear the story in the way John Hodian
plays on his piano, you can even hear it
in the drums there 11 year-old son, Jack
Hodian, plays. The music, the songs, the
whole atmosphere pulls you in and makes
feel for the words that are sung. By the
time the song is over you understand what
the story was about. One of the songs performed
speaks of spring and the woman
awaits her beloved to come back so she
can feel his loving arms around her and
feel the joy and happiness she once felt.
The song’s story will leave you breathless
and in tears. The music is amazing anyone
who hasn’t heard Armenian music I suggest
give it a listen you may fall in love.


Marie Nye | The Broadside



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