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Community in search of caregivers

Students interested in a career in healthcare
or the medical field may want to consider
a job as a caregiver.
According to executive director of Aspen
Ridge, Bryan Canahan, caregiving
“provides a lot
of real world
experience for
those in nursing.”
C a r e g i v i n g
facilities such as
Aspen Ridge are
willing to work
with a variety of
different schedules
the schedules
of part-time and
full-time students. Aspen Ridge is continuously
hiring due to a high turnover rate, according
to Canahan.
Current caregiver and COCC student
Kyle Davenport, “it’s not an easy job and
it does take a certain kind of person but if
you’re the right kind of person for it, it’s
very rewarding.”
While there are plenty of people out there
looking to find a job for the sole purpose of
paying the bills, these types of workers do not
make it past the first 90 days at Aspen Ridge,
according to Canahan. The way Canahan sees
it, Aspen Ridge is “hotel resort with long term
Sherie Tews, 54, was manager at the Epcott
Center at Walt
Disney World
and when she
moved to Bend
she was confident
that she
would be able to
find a job with
a stronger focus
on the “hands on
helping of other
people rather
than the business
part of it”.
“Caregiving was my niche and I knew
there were plenty of those jobs here,”
Tews said.
For information on local assisted living
employment openings go to thebroadsideonline.


Alyssa Heyman | The Broadside



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