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A Performance by Judith Sloan

Fusing the art of theatre, poetry, and
music, YO MISS! is a sometimes funny,
sometimes sad, always truth-telling
show about one woman overcoming
her own traumatic experiences as she
helps immigrant/refugee teenagers and
incarcerated youth grapple with the
cataclysmic events that shaped them.
Using midi-controllers and an original
musical score to accompany her
compelling performance, Judith Sloan
transforms into a multitude of characters
ages 14 to 80 years young.
Imagine a fusion of theatre, poetry
and music. If that piques your interest,
check out the presentation of Yo Miss
on campus on April 29. Yo Miss is a
funny, sometimes sad, always truthful
show about a woman overcoming her
traumatic experiences as whe helps immigrant/
refugee teenagers and incarcerated
youth deal with the cataclysmic
events that help shape them.
“She has interviewed people
who have been in prison,” said Roth.
“She had these interviews and then she
creates a performance around them
where she introduces us to the people
she met.”
The performance is aimed to give
attendees a better understanding of
the events leading up to incarceration
in many situations. This, according to
Roth, is crucial in overcoming stereotypes
regarding incarceration.
“It helps us understand their experiences”,
said Roth “We sometimes
have stereotypes about those who are
in prison.”
The performance is being held on
April 29, 2015 from 4pm to 6pm. The
location is Hitchcock Auditorium, 201
Pioneer Hall, Bend campus.


Marie Nye | The Broadside



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