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Review: George Clinton and Funkadelic brings the funk to Bend

As I approached the Midtown Ballroom on Mar. 19, I could feel the thundering bass coming from inside the building located on Greenwood Ave in downtown Bend, OR. George Clinton and Funkadelic were inside preparing for the show that was scheduled later that evening. The group is touring in support of “First Ya Gotta Shake the Gate”, their first album in 33 years and consists of original members as well as children and grandchildren of the original members.
As the Midtown staff opened the doors, you could feel the excitement from the crowd, and I was thrilled to be able to get right up front/center stage. Then, as the band assembles on stage, out walks Clinton and kicks off a night of funk that exceeds three hours. The number of performers on the stage was astounding, it was almost chaotic but very organized. The band played through classics like “Atomic Dog”, “Give Up The Funk”, and “P. Funk (wants to get funked up)”, as well as tracks from the new album.
The show felt like a giant party, as band members would often come off stage and interact with the crowd and invite people to come on stage. As I turned around to face the crowd behind me, everyone was dancing and I couldn’t help but do the same. It was a really fun and entertaining experience and I recommend seeing this show to anyone.


Will Nye | The Broadside
(Contact: gnye@cocc.edu)



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