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Brayan’s how to guide for everything.

As summer approaches and
school, for the most part, seems to
be winding down, a trend starts happening.
In my case this trend is that
friends and acquaintances begin going
out and date. Honestly, I’m not one to
complain and most of the time when
going out with friends I’m more then
happy to play the wingman. But there
are times now and then when, as is in
my case, that one wishes things we
If you’re like me and you’re feeling
down in the dumps and feel encased
in your own private fortress of solitude
read on to find out how to turn things
#1: Get a hobby: A lot of times we
notice there’s something missing in
our life because we run out of things to
keep our mind occupied. If that’s the
case then start a new activity or hobby,
whether is a sport, or arts and crafts
keeping yourself busy will prevent you
from realizing the bigger picture. They
do say that idle hands are the devil’s
play things.
#2: Work a lot more: It’s simple,
if you work more then you don’t have
time to be lonely. And besides, if you
work more you make more money. I
know they say that money cannot buy
happiness. . .but im my experience it
sure does help.
#3: Get a good movie and ice
cream: Nothing beats a good movie
and pint of your favorite ice cream. Set
aside to have an evening all to yourself
and have a date. . .with yourself. eat
and indulge, its good for the soul.
#4: Get a puppy: There is nothing
cuter than a puppy or kitten. Though
keep in mind the life long commitment
you will be making if you do decide to
become a pet owner. . .in a lot of ways
this is a lot like being in a relationship,
except you don’t make your partner do
his/her business out in the front lawn…
or can you? (o_O)
#5: Get set up: If all else fails get
a good close friend to set you up with
someone they think you’re compatible
with. This way you take away all
the pressure of going out and finding
someone on your own. Though keep
in mind that if it goes south you cannot
hold against your friend. They were doing
you a favor.
Overall, we all feel lonely sometimes.
It’s human nature, we crave socialization
and contact. The takeaway
message for this edition is that if there
is something missing in your life, actively
try to change it, because no one
is going to change it for you. Just remember
to keep it safe, keep it fun and
keep it classy, but above all remember
to always Treat Yo Self!
Now, for the seventh entry in the
series of Guy-code and Girl-code, The
guide to Today’s Young People:
#7 If your best bud is in a pickle
and he finds himself incarcerated
for whatever reason. You
must immediately bail him out. No
questions asked. You’ll thank him
when he returns the favor one day.
#7 This should be inscribed on
the back of all phone cases, or the
inside of a bracelet or even your
forehead. Being best friends means
being there for all of each other’s
needs, both shallow and deep.
This includes good selfies, bad
ones and everything in between.
Now fellow Bobcats, if you have
any suggestions for the next issue of
Students How to guide for everything,
Or if you have any tips please send me
an email, until next time keep it classy.


Brayan Gonzalez | The Broadside



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