Tuesday, August 16, 2022

The Lot

Are you tired of the same old sit down restaurants and want a quality food experience? If so, head on over to The Lot, located at 745 Northwest Columbia Street in Bend. The Lot is a collection of five different food carts surrounding an outdoor covered area. Now you would think this sounds less than desirable in the middle of winter, but the covered area is complete with a fire pit, a heated table, heated benches, and overhead heat lamps all enclosed with plastic walls to shield the wind and keep the warmth in.

The food carts include Rico’s Tacos which has a good selection of enchiladas, nachos, and massive burritos. The Brown Owl which has “The Burger,” “The Fries” and a few other classic dishes. You can even order Bacon or a fried egg with your burger or sandwich. Mauna Kea is Hawaiian food cart that makes smoked Pork, Tri Tip or Chicken that they serve in large portions over rice with Spicy Mac for a fair price. You can get a combination of meats or just one, but I choose to get the Tri Tip, Pork and extra spicy mac with their special sauce. The Real Food Street Bistro has a good selection of fresh, local foods. They offer Gluten free options and a variety of sandwiches and soups. Thailandia is an Asian food cart that serves different curry, stir fry, and several other authentic dishes. They have five levels of spices, one being the lowest and five being the one they warn you about.

Now if all that wasn’t enough to gain your interest, The Lot is also complete with a bar with sixteen tab handles with local beer, cider and kombucha. The Lot also holds special events on some nights including trivia night, live music and other cool events.



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