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Steampunk Illusion Show

On Thursday March 4 the steampunk illusion show took place at Tower Theatre put on by the Nelson family. Jeff and Lynn Nelson along with their daughter Sharii and their future son in law Scott Macneill are the family of magicians who have been in showbiz most of their lives.

As the curtain rose, Jeff Nelson magically appeared out of a helicopter and introduced the first act: his daughter Sharii.  One act that was performed by Scott Macneill was called “The Professor in the Attic.” It start’s off as him drawing a picture of a woman and as he removes the picture she comes to life and dances then falls asleep, while she’s sleeping a box is brought he puts her in it he folds to a small box and stabs four swords through it and miraculously is still alive after he pulls the swords out. Lynn Nelson does an act with paper where in the end it appears it is snowing on stage.

The show will astound you and it will leave you mystified and full of questions of exactly how did they do that? The family loves the fans especially the children, as some of the various acts involve one more act where children come up to the stage. The show is family friendly, all ages and fun, I say go to this show next time because you won’t be disappointed.


Marie Nye | The Broadside




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