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Broken Top Bottle Shop presents: Jive Coulis

On February, 26, Jive Coulis rolled into Bend, Oregon to rock The Broken Top Bottle Shop. Jive Coulis is a rock ‘n’ roll, mixed with blue grass/blues/country and folk, three piece band from Ashland, Oregon. Members consist of Eric Leadbetter (lead vocals, guitar), Jordan Mack (bass, vocals), and Collin Braley (drums, mandolin, vocals). Leadbetter and Mack are originally from Colorado and Braley is from Iowa where he studied jazz. They toured much of the U.S. in 2014 and have two albums released and a third acoustic album to be released at an unspecified date.

At 7 pm Jive Coulis took the stage, and Braley introduced the band with much enthusiasm. They played through every song off the new unreleased acoustic album, including “It is what it is”, “Banister”, and “Foolish Pride”, as well as a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses.” Leadbetter played guitar with a very bluesy style, and his vocals were soulful and heartfelt, along with Macks funky bass lines and Braleys spot on drumming, the trio rocked the house.  Then Braley took to the mandolin and called up Dylan Works from the band Critical Roots, also out of Ashland, Oregon. The style shifted to heavily blue grass influenced set of songs. The place was packed with people dancing, and singing along with this talented trio, as they played tirelessly through the night. I highly recommend Jive Coulis to music lovers of all styles, as they did not disappoint.


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