Winter Travel for COCC students


For some students, arriving at class requires over a 90 mile commute.

“I live in Prineville and my first class is at [8:30 a.m.] so I have to leave around 7 a.m. in order to get to Bend in time,” said Megan McGarvey, COCC student, “If the weather is bad then I have to leave earlier.”

In the winter months, inclement weather can cause difficulties and lower class attendance, according to Carrie McCormick, Enrollment and Office Specialist at the Madras Central Oregon Community College campus.

“Many students walk, ride bikes, drive their own car, have access to a car, or have a family member or friend drive them,” McCormick said. “I have to drive 90 miles each day roundtrip and sometimes it may take me two hours one way due to inclement weather.”

Winter term absences typically increased due to weather, according to McCormick.

“One of the biggest issues that she notices when there is bad weather is that many faculty will cancel their classes, and or students just will not be able to show up, so absences get really high during the winter term more than other terms,” McCormick said.

Often times, students rely on the community bus in order to attend classes on time. However, according to McCormick, bus inquiries have declined.

“This year not as many inquiries have been happening due to the fact that the zone-2 bus pass which Cascade Eastern Transit had on sale last year is not on sale presently,” McCormick said.


Laura Emerson | The Broadside



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