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Ride or Ski in 5 review

Until two weeks ago, I had never skied before. After I moved to bend this summer, I decided that had to change. It became immediately apparent which route is the most effective and economical. Mt.Bachelor’s Ride or Ski in five, has been rated the Best Beginner Program in America by the National Ski Areas Association. After a quick scan of the program details, it is easy to see why. For $199, you get five lessons, five rentals, and five limited lift tickets to be used on any day of your choosing. Two hundred dollars is nothing to be scoffed at but from a comparative standpoint it is a steal. Additionally, upon graduating you are “gifted” a free 12-day pass, as well as steep discounts on future season passes.

Long story short, I signed up for the program, forked over the cash and arrived at the mountain ready to learn to shred. They recommend showing up at least an hour before your first lesson, and they aren’t messing around with that recommendation. I showed up twenty minutes before my 10:00 lesson, needless to say, I had to wait around until the 1:00 lesson. I considered strapping on the ski’s and seeing what I could do, but I wasn’t keen on mowing down a six year-old on the bunny hill.

The lesson started and I was placed in a group of about seven people who had never been in skis either. All of the coaches seemed to be passionate about passing on their skillset and were very thorough and patient in their instruction. By the end of the first lesson, I could successfully, if hesitantly, navigate the bunny hill.


I have since returned twice, and each time I walk away feeling significantly more confident, I have had a lesson with only one other pupil and rumour has is that it is not uncommon for students to receive one-on-one instruction later in the season on weekdays.


Anyone can say this program is great from an economical standpoint, but it is perhaps even greater from an effectiveness standpoint. Everyone I have spoken with has nothing but good things to say about the program, and I can now add myself to that list.

Tim Cachelin |TheBroaside




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