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Bend’s Local Lunchbox: Chow

Being a frugal college student I try to keep the total cost for each meal I review under $10. This week that was not the case. Always in pursuit of the next great bite around I wandered into Chow just across from Newport Market, on Newport. A meal at Chow will probably run you right around $15, but if you’re anything like me you won’t regret it.


Chow is is located in a cozy house turned cozy restaurant. Upon walking in, it is very apparent that they take being local, sustainable, and organic seriously. I, for one, do not mind that at all. The service was friendly, if not particularly snappy.


The food is what really shines. I’m a huge sucker for shrimp and egg benedicts so it only makes sense that I ordered a shrimp benedict with a white wine sauce, and sweet potatoes on the side, it was colorful, fresh, and I can’t imagine how it might’ve tasted better. The friend I was eating with ordered the macaroni and cheese. Words can’t describe how creamy and delicious, this sausage, mushroom, and ham filled delicacy was.


Chow isn’t the place to grab a quick bite on the way to school. It’s more the kind of place where you take a girl you’ve had a heart sparkle for, or if you’re trying to impress your trendy friends from Portland. In both of those cases, it’s well worth the slightly higher price tag.


Tim Cachelin | The Broadside

(Contact: tcachelin@cocc.edu)



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