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Put your skills to good use or let your freak flag fly: 5 odd ways to earn cash after the holidays

Donate body parts

What could be easier than to sell parts of yourself that are unwanted or will go to waste anyway? There may be some serious ick factor to consider, but someone somewhere will pay for it.


What does Rapunzel do when she’s strapped for cash? Long flowing ‘virgin’ hair can fetch anywhere between $50 to $1000 in online marketplaces such as HairSellon and


Oddities on the Discovery channel, which follows the Obscura Antiques and Oddities shop in New York City, highlighted the artwork of Rachel Betty Case, which consists of sculptures and jewelry made out of finger and toe nail clippings, hair, bellybutton lint and human and animal teeth. The tiny works sell for between $25 and $300 each.


Gentlemen, stop wasting your baby batter and help fund your PHD. “Elite” cryobanks will pay over $200 per donation from young, healthy men with advanced degrees.


Similarly, healthy and well-educated women under the age of 32 can make anywhere from $6,000 to  $15,000 per cycle of egg donation and upwards of $50,000 for surrogacy . Because it is more physically demanding than male donations, it is in far greater demand by childless couples worldwide.


New mothers can help other mothers and infants in need and earn a little cash for their efforts. Paying $1 per ounce, Mothers Milk Cooperative in Oregon is the only online paid milk cooperative in the U.S. that also tests mothers to ensure that their milk is healthy.

Rent a room

Have you sold back your course books, checked the couches and shoveled every sidewalk in the neighborhood and are still having trouble making ends meet?


During the busy ski season or summer concert events, hotels can jack up rates by 30% or more during holiday or busy seasons. Help out a traveler and make between $50 and $100 per night by sleeping on the sofa and renting out your bedroom on


Have you cashed in all your pop cans and beer bottles, but still can’t fund a night out with friends? Crowdsource it!

Buzzfeed recently reported how a 26-year-old woman funded her $362 Uber cab ride in Baltimore on Halloween night. She got to party and still get home safe, so why couldn’t you? allows users to ask strangers for money for everything ranging from tuition, medical bills, trips abroad or a care-free and safe night out with friends.

Crafts and artwork

Calling all starving artists: art majors, crafters and collectors alike.


Whether you just want to make a little cash on the side or want to launch a genuine business, is the go-to place for all things hand-made. From custom jewelry and paintings to taxidermy and zombie wedding cake toppers, it’s got it all. So, why not profit of your creativity to help keep the heat on this winter.

Odd jobs

Need a quick $5 bucks?

If you are a skilled typist, a photoshop pro or simply have no shame, then is for you. For $5, users offer everything from small translations, product endorsements, logo designs and data entry to editing essays or completing statistics and accounting homework for desperate students. Some particularly brave users have made over $5,000 offering videos where they sing happy birthday to the lucky loved one in your life while wearing nothing more than underwear and chocolate sauce or a leotard.

*The Broadside doesn’t endorse any of these methods of fundraising. Readers are advised to use caution and common sense when participating in any of the above.


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